Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut) was birthed during the 19th century British colonial era in Taiping. It began as an exclusive place of retreat for British colonial officers with bungalows, extensive vegetable and flower gardens, a tea estate and even a dairy farm. Early communities serving the hills were mostly South Indians who were later joined by several Hainanese caretakers. In post-colonial times, the British aura drew many locals to the hills for recreation. 

Today, Maxwell Hill remains largely a forest reserve whose pristine setting harbours immense biodiversity and whose rainfall ensures Taiping’s abundant water supply and salubrious setting. In a world plagued by climate change issues and habitat and species loss, Maxwell Hill remains a geography of hope where nature and humankind can still seek and achieve that elusive fine balance.

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Into The Unknown

Wong Poh Yoke

Maxwell Hill and Her People

Low Pey Sien

Hands That Raised Maxwell Hill

Farahin Fadzlishah

Felt In Blood, Felt In The Heart

Antoine Loncle

From the Exhibition

“A Tale of Two Hills” was exhibited in Taiping from 17 February till 3 March 2023 at Maxwell Basecamp, Kaki Bukit Larut
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